• Do not take any unnecessary things to the adventure course.

• Dress appropriately, wear weatherproof shoes. Additionally: no sandals or slip-off shoes (sporting shoes are recommended); long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed; waists must be covered and piercing removed or taped over for safety.

• There is a risk of mosquito bites by the river. Take mosquito repellent with.

• A written agreement must be signed by every customer before starting the adventure course. 

• Safety equipment must be provided and instructions must be given before setting to the adventure course. 

• Minimum height requirement to use the adventure course/tracks is 140 cm (except the hiking route). 

• People under 14 are allowed to the adventure course only under the supervision of a grown-up person. 

• Safety equipment is for personal use only and it is forbidden to give it to the third parties.

• If you need to take off your safety strap during the adventure course (e.g using WC, getting changed or other), placement must be checked by the supervisor.

• After finishing the adventure course you should return safety equipment without any delay. 

• Make sure that you are attached to the lifeline (safety cable) during the whole course.•Do not use adventure course in case of thunderstorm.

• Before the zip slide (aerial runway) make sure that previous adventurer has left the landing zone. 

• When taking your pet to the adventure park, be sure that your friend will not harm other visitors. Keep your dog in leash, use muzzles if necessary. 

• Save our nature − use marked hiking traks!